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Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System (EDCAS) is an application developed specifically for appointment management in professional dental clinic.

As for features addition in the future will be done regularly, and please feel free to give feedback for addition or correction to this system.

This application used SLIM PHP framework, Twig templating engine, and Laravel Eloquent which is very flexible, so that you can easily customize if needed.

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Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System offers a complete digital sensor and practice management software solution. The software can be installed locally on any Window-based device or hosted in the cloud as a Sass application. The combined suite offers features such as insurance and claim management, patient billing, period charting, patient scheduling and auto clinical notes.

With Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System practice management system, dentists and their staff can send X-rays, medical bills, prescriptions and other insurance attachments electronically to patients. The clinical note builder allows dentists to create and record clinical notes. Clinics can use Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System imaging tool or integrate their existing digital sensors to generate digital x-rays of the tooth. Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System supports over 25 third-party sensors including Eagle soft, Dentrix and Softdent.

Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System also features the ability to track employee time, verify patient insurance online, schedule appointments, process credit card payments, maintain accounting ledger, electronically store documents, electronically send prescriptions and appointment reminders.

Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System by Planet EDCAS is a cloud-based practice management solution for dental organizations of all sizes. It includes clinical and business functionality, along with advanced modules for imaging, patient communications and reporting and analytics.

Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System helps practices provide dental care and manage their patient experience using cloud-based practice management and communication tools. It is also ONC certified and HIPAA compliant.

Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System practice management can be customized for single and multi-location practices, making it suitable for dental practices of all sizes. It can also accommodate mobile dentistry practices. Planet DDS offers additional options for patient relationship management, as well as integrated image management with its product Dentiray.

Planet EDCAS also offers in-house insurance verification and other transnational services to Ekushey Dental Clinic Appointment System users.


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1.     Change Password

2.     User Registration

3.     User Type Manage

4.     Manage Registration Info

5.     Login Details

6.     Backup

7.     Restore

8.     Create / Add Staff

9.     Manage Staff

10. Create / Add Patient

11. Manage Patient

12. Payment ID

13. Payment Date

14. Patient ID

15. Patient Name

16. Staff Name

17. Designation

18. Procedure Type

19. Description

20. Tooth Involved

21. Amount

22. Charges

23. Grand Total

24. Total Payment

25. Due Payment

26. Create & Manage all Info

27. Create Invoice

28. Manage Invoice

29. All Invoices Report

30. Procedure Report

31. Staff Record

32. Date Wise Invoice Report

33. Date Wise Procedure Report

34. Patient Info Record

35. User Login Details Report

36. Support Multiple PC

37. Notepad Attached

38. Word pad Attached

39. Calculator Attached

40. Task Manager Attached

41.    MS Word Attached